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Not really me

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This post from ‘soon-to-be-at-Guildford-uni’ Simon’s page came at the same uncanny time that I was actually thinking it. The info you get on me here is not really me at all, but only the stuff that people somewhere already know about. There’s loads I COULD put up here (you know who you are!) but that would compromise everything. Ah well.

Changing email address

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Don’t look now, I’m changing: my email address is changing. It’s now hello(AT) . And phone(AT) if I’m out boogying. I’m SO excited…

Huge Weekend

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Well, what a huge weekend (well, for lazy old me, anyway…).

Saturday – Out in Bar Zuka, Bar Mambo and The Drink nightclub in Guildford. These places are my out-and-out regular haunts, not least because my friends manage them. VERY cheap deals… 😉

Sunday – chose the one day when the heavens opened to go powerboating in Bosham with my friend Simon B. Drenched, but absolutely corking fun.

Monday – A stonking Bank Holiday barbeque with Mark K and friends. The memorable phrase “nice tongs” will not be forgotten lightly.

Tuesday – Recover. God knows what I’ll do when I actually have to start working

Gunmen in Guildford

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I had trouble sleeping last night. There was a police helicopter hovering above our house, police sirens going, masked gunmen running around. Not your average night, but it seems the gunmens’ efforts were in vain. Still, it’s nice to be in on the action for a change…