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Assessment Day

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I went for an ‘Assessment Day’ yesterday. They’re one of those job interviews dreamed up by ‘more important than you’ companies to separate themselves from the normal companies that provide average, run-of-the-mill interviews. Bless ’em. It consists of 2 or 3 group tasks, a group presentation, a regular interview, and get this, a 3 minute solo presentation to the company on ‘Why You Should Select Me’! Get through all that in one piece and you deserve a medal.
ANYWAY, I did that for 6 hours yesterday afternoon, without offer of food, water or travel expenses (you can tell from the chandeliers that there could just about stretch to a few chocolate hobnobs if the felt like it), only for 40 out of the 50 attendants to be told, “Sorry, you came without a job, and I’m afraid you’ll leave without one.”
The company was Pareto Law, by the way. Their website looks quite good. Shame the company isn’t…
Ahhh, rant over. I’m off to collect my dole money. 😉

Gig Cancelled

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Disappointing. One of the least offensive words I can think of to describe the cancellation of The Star/Mosquito appearance. The pub have cancelled less the 24 hours before the gig, sheepishly explaining that the management would quite like a party at the same time.
Last time I drink in there. Humph.

Star/Mosquito Gig

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For those of you who are eager to see me (that’ll be my mum, then) and complain that I never go out anymore, I’ll be in The Star in Guildford this coming Thursday (20th September), 8pm, propping up one end of the bar. While Mosquito, the stonking Chris H-managed band, plays merrily in the corner.