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Latest conversation between myself and Jac C on MSN Messenger:
[15:41] Jon: tum te tum
[15:42] Wibbler: te tum
[15:42] Jon: da n ana
[15:42] Jon: da na na
[15:42] Wibbler: bom bom baaaaaaaaaaam.
[15:43] Jon: *ping* (string breaks)
[15:46] Wibbler: *ouch* (string hits eye)
[15:47] Jon: *shplop* (eye falls out into glass of Ribena)
[15:48] Wibbler: *glug* (ribena drinker swallows eye)
[15:51] Jon: *psssuPOPpssss* (eye swallower pisses out the eye into the loo)
[15:52] Wibbler: *suuuuuuckkkk* pause *gush* (eye blocks loo and overflows)
[15:55] Jon: *schluck* – *schluck* – *schluck* (eye makes run for it)
[15:58] Wibbler: *splat* (someone opens door onto eye, crushing it between door and wall)
[16:01] Jon: *shhbloop* *shhbloop* cleaner mops up eye, muttering “Eye don’t know, I’m up to the eyeballs in work”

New Photo Section

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I’m very pleased to say that my new, revamped photo section is complete. All sorts of new stuff is there, and the old stuff is currently being rather splendidly converted…

A particular favourite is my entry for the World’s Untidiest Bedroom…

Advent Calendar and Quote

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Woohoo! Regular as clockwork, Dad’s bought me my Christmas Advent Calendar! A rather splendid Mars one, too.

And another classic and completely unprompted quote crosses my mum’s lips: “I’m very glad to say, Simon, that you’d look absolutely appalling in a dress.”

You’re not the only one that’s glad.

Birthday knees up

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Well, what a weekend! a BIRTHDAY weekend, to be precise. An enormous knees-up with subsidised drinks in Bar Zuka and The Drink with Michelle, Becki, Nick, Paul D and Tom, followed by a good old get-together in Cranleigh watching Sparky sing away splendidly, with Jac, Simon H, Shaun, Elli and Zoe. I am now recovering. And trying to get the photos online before I fall asleep.

I should think I’ll probably fail…

Ciara – Most avid reader

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Most Avid wibbler.com Reader of the Week Month Year: Ciara B. Ciara phoned this morning, wished me Happy Birthday, told me things that even I didn’t know about my site, and then complained about the distinct lack of updates last week. She then rounded it all off with a stonking party invitation. CRACKING girl. Splendid.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Just unwrapped this and this. And a tennis ball from my dog, bizarrely. I think Mum might have had a hand in that…

Ooooh, AND a birthday mention on Eagle FM. I’m honoured!