2001 November

Net Addiction

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Why is it that I can spend hours lovingly updating wibbler.com, but I can’t manage to tidy up a few clothes that have been on my bedroom floor for what seems like weeks? I think addiction is setting in…

Fone Fun

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Ooooh, SMS Vault has been revamped, remonikered, and now includes those lovely voice messages you all thoughtfully leave. Fone.Fun has landed…

Summer Lovin + Simon H

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After trying to shake off a particularly ugly girl who was chatting him up at Cranley Hotel’s karaoke night, Simon H thought the worst was over. It was. Until Jac secretly put both of them forward to sing a long duet of Summer Lovin’ in front of the entire pub, all of whom were laughing their socks off…
Update: Simon H reports that even after several pints and a few shots, she still looked ugly. So she must be truly awful…


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“Told you this would happen when you started work,” Paul D writes, “your website has slipped down the slippery slope to boredom…nothing new since Sunday…dear oh dear…”
He’s entirely right, of course, when I do get home (about 3 times a week at the moment), most of my time is taken up by NokiaGame, which is in it’s final week. So when that finishes… well, I can always hope! Thanks for keeping visiting tho! There’s plenty to see, especially the BRAND NEW ChuckleStrips!

Robbie Williams

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Wow. Wow. Now, I haven’t been a BIG fan of Frank Sinatra and his friends crooning away, and I’m not a big groupie of Robbie Williams (although he’s an amazing entertainer). But I’m converted. I watched One Night with Robbie Williams last night, and it was possibly one to best things I’ve seen for years. The Frank Sinatra Foundation was so impressed that they allowed clips of Frank to be played throughout the songs, and as they were played, Robbie looked around the stadium in wide-eyed amazement at what he’d achieved. That was his first little cry. And as he held back tears at the end, he told the audience, “Thank you for making my dream come true.” The whole of the Albert Hall stood for a standing ovation. How can he top that?!

Simon H’s bum squeezing

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Over lunch yesterday, another highly amusing incident came to light! Simon H and Jac went to Cinderellas last Saturday, completely drunk (as you have to be in Cinderellas…). Some old male friend of his spied the drunken fool, and came up behind him, playfully squeezing Simon H’s bum. A few hours later, Simon H’s vision completely blurred, he spied his old friend again, lined up behind him and grabbed his bum with conviction. Only it wasn’t his friend. Somewhat startled, the anonymous man turned and asked what the hell Simon H was doing, to which Simon, as if to add insult to injury, replied, “I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else.”
Another classic moment I’ve missed. Damn.