2001 December

Caffe Uno Restaurant

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Well, I’m finally able to post again, after upgrading to a rather spanking new computer and ADSL internet connection! I love Christmas…
Well, what have I done since last time? I’ve had Christmas at Grandma’s, received loads of very nice presents, and last night went to Caffe Uno in Guildford for a knees-up with old Godalming College friends. 32 of us rocked up, which was nice, and ?542.19 later we were fairly full… And again I forgot my camera, so you’ll just have to take my word for it…

Site Searches

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A Merry Christmas to you all! If a tad late.
Another worrying month of people’s searches that result in their arrival here:

1. banned kylie advert
2. cheap software
3. bt 1571 service password
4. sister swapping
5. rate our boobs
6. pick the hottie
7. original of the word pussy
8. bin laden
9. nick’s ex girlfriends
10. fhm safe cracking
11. christina aguilera’s boobs
12. baby spice photos

Parking Wardens.

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One wheel on a single yellow line for 2 minutes = ?30 parking fine.
MERRY CHRISTMAS, you bloody parking wardens.