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Night out

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Another cracking night out with Sparky and groupies at the Open Mike night in Cranleigh. Splendid pictures to put up, when I can keep my eyelids open. It’s proving a little difficult at the moment…. 😉 banned

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Finding myself at rather a loose and dangly end yesterday, I planned to spend sometime in an internet cafe in Guildford, preparing to update stuff from here. TO MY HORROR, I discovered that this site is banned from public viewing by CyberPatrol, which protects most of the internet cafes in the UK. What HAVE I done, I wonder? I’m almost proud…

Busy Bee, thats me.

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Well, what a day. In between getting presents in Guildford this morning, getting a clever little calendar online for my client, and trying to organise a knees-up for everyone college- and Guildford-related on the 29th, I managed to rip my best trousers and redesign WiredFusion. It’ll be up tomorrow…

And now, off to bed.

Christmas Tree

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There’s something fantastic to arriving home to a fully laden Christmas tree in your front room, with little mystery packages snuggled underneath. Which reminds me, I must buy some Christmas presents. Anyone else not lifted a finger to buy a present yet, or is it just me?!

Stapled fingers

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Today, I stapled my finger.
One of the most painful things I’ve done in weeks, certainly since the Door-Handle-In-Crotch incident of last week. Well done me…

Other things I’ve done:
1. Been for an interview in Oxfordshire. A LONG WAY. Especially when there is the customary “signal failure at Reading Station”. Bless them.
2.Avoided the Parking Warden for the 12th successive day, thereby creating a new Wibbler record for Fine Avoidance.
3.Saw Anthea Turner stuttling across Guildford Town on an odd scooter thing.