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Holiday Report 21/1

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8am – We amusingly discover a new friend on the balcony. He’s a bright green iguana, and we name him George, purely because he looks like a George. Honest.
8.15am – Once a suitable picture is taken, we venture downstairs and discover more food than you could shake a very large, nobular stick at. Its truly enormous. I take full advantage, and feel ill.
9am – We trundle off to our group meeting, where we are given all the esssential information, including a dolphin trip which Becki decides she simply must do. After that, we decide to get down to getting burnt. And, might I say, succeed.

Holiday Report 20/1

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3am – Rudely awoken by the nasty but rather helpful alarm clock, and dragged out to the car. My trousers are trembling with excitement. As indeed am I.
7am – After managing to create a traffic jam on the runway, and the pilot helpfully warning of bad weather conditions, we start our assent into a mild storm.
8am – As we shoot through the air in a metal tube, I cunningly make jokes about the recent terrorist troubles. I get overly excited at the prospect of individual movie screens in our seat, and manage to select a broken one. Well done me.
11am – I sleep.
12pm – I wake up, wondering where the hell I am…
9pm – After a 14 hour flight, we manage to find our bags, despite my amusing jokes about their probable appearance in Zimbabwe, we find our hotel, and pass out.

Henman/Rusedski match

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It’s the Henman vs. Rusedski match on BBC1 now (click here), and ooooh it’s a nailbiter. Of course, I should be packing/developing/having a haircut, but I can’t tear myself away. I’m a slave to the television.

Confused Parents

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A worryingly confused conversation just overheard:
Mum: “Have you got to go to the loo?”
Dad: “Why?”
Mum: “Oh, my 20% discount voucher’s just run out.”

Rainy Day/Hitman

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Just had the most bizarre telephone call for a while from Simon H, and for him thats quite a statement. He phoned up to ask me what I would put aside moneywise “for a rainy day”. Slightly taken aback, I replied “oooh, about ?400, suppose” and that was it. End of phonecall. It’s slightly ominous – am I about to come face-to-face with a hitman?