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Isn’t superglue wonderful? Out it comes, becomes blisteringly hot, and then instantly, miraculously and accidently bonds two pairs of trousers together…


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Well, what a complete DURTH (is that how you spell it?) of entries recently – your host Wibbler is ever so sorry.. is there any reason for this you might ask? Well, no, in short. I’ve been out a bit, and installing a bit, and scripting a bit, and playing a bit, but you’d think I’d have a couple of minutes to spare to talk to you fine visitors, wouldn’t you? Appalling, Wibbler, you must try harder.

Richard G’s pager

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A friend of mine, Richard G, got an unexpected message on his pager today from an unknown person whcih said, and I quote, ” need 1 kilo of white and half of brown. How long and how much?”
The Police are on his tail, I’m sure…

Felicity calls

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I’ve just got a phonecall from a very drunken long lost friend, which was a nice surprise! It turns out out that she’s in New Zealand, has had the time of her life, and is never coming back. Which is a bit of a blow. I’ve promised to visit her as soon as my bank manager lets me…