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Wow! I’ve had some flatmints. They’re mints that are thinner than paper, but very minty indeed. Enormous fun. I think you should all try them purely for their strangeness…


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A simple drive home from Guildford this morning, and 2 celebrity sightings on the A3 – Jeremy Bates the England tennis player, and Amma from Big Brother. I’m expecting to see Will from Pop Idol next, and shall be disappointed if I don’t.

I’ve won FHM Joke of the Month!

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Well, fame beckons again. Well, probably not, but a joke I sent in to FHM magazine in an idle moment has been crowned Joke Of The Month (see it here) in the April 2002 issue. I have been awarded a fine ?300 Nintendo GameCube games console for my (minimal) efforts. SPLENDID! The GameCube isn’t even out in this country yet, so god knows how they’re going to send it to me.
Unless it’s a cruel joke.

Petersfield Streaker

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1. It’s a pleasure to know that Britain’s most famous nude streaker hails from my home town of Petersfield…
2. A cracking advert: Absolute Hangover, which almost too accurately shows how I felt yesterday morning…

Job Compliment

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My boss told me today that ‘you’ve really made a difference and we’re pleased to have you here”. She knows a good thing when she sees it.
Time to ask for a pay rise.

More photos online

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I’vve finally managed to get my recent photos online – the Christmas ones and also the Mexico ones, so you can get jealous. Go to the photos page and have a look. Note the PART 1 on the mexico page – there’s plenty more to come!

Michelle’s neighbours

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Good Grapes. Nothing happens for a while (as you can tell from the lack of updates) and then the police arrive at my girlfriend’s next door neighbours’ house and cordon it off. And then a FORENSICS team turns up. I had to choose tonight to not stay there, didn’t I….