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Shunta’s Engaged

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I tell you, this internet oasis I’m in at the moment is not an easy place to survive. NTL still haven’t delivered anything remotely useful, and one of our computers has succombed to 3 viruses, suspiciously close to our signing up with NTL. Hell, my extensive (although I do say it myself) computer support skills are being tested to the max at the moment. The poor computer is a bit better, but still a little sniffly, so I still can’t really reply to any emails. Which, frankly, is disastrous.
Oh, and a little piece of minor news. Shunta’s JUST GOT ENGAGED. Christ, him of all people! Jac and I are limbering up for the best men speeches, mainly revolving around a song named simply “BucketWoman”.
I’ll let your imaginations run wild with that one…

NTL Part 2

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NTL Part 2: It just goes on. After finally getting online at the end of last week, their servers went down. And then one of our components was faulty. And then we foudn the the expensive hardware we used in our old house wouldn’t work with NTL. But I heartily recommend any NTL users to phone up and try to cancel, as we did, because they give you the moon on a stick – upgrade to the top package, no charges for the next 2 weeks, cheap international calls, all for complaining! They’ve earned a reprieve…


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I popped to the cinema this weekend for the first time in months, to watch Signs, starring the ever-marvellous Mel Gibson. It was simply the scariest thing I have ever seen. Anticipation for the film with palpable, and 20 seconds into the first scene, a girl in the front row shrieked “Oh my bloody god” as a dog barked mildly. As Mel, brandishing a knife, got closer and closer to an alien in one scene, I covered my face and peeked through my hands. The swipes of the knife grew louder, the drums beat faster, and at the climax I managed to let out an enormously girly yelp which echoed aroudn the whole cinema.
It’s quite something to have the whole cinema laughing at you.


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“RyanAir have the most advanced fleet of aeroplanes in the known world. Except for this one, which is 30 years old. So please now listen carefully as the crew demonstrate the safety procedure.” – Captain of RyanAir plane, September 2002

Online? Me?

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It’s disappointing that after 10 minutes of thinking, I can’t find a suitably derogatory ‘alternative’ to describe what the letters NTL stand for. Not Totally Living? Never Terribly Likely to turn up? Nothing I can come up with fully describes the organisational ‘skills’ of NTL.
I’m still not online.

Isle of Wight Trip

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A weekend of the Isle of Wight seemed a peaceful idea. As I look at my sand-filled trainers, my bruised and battered leg, and my dust-covered car, I can safely say that I’m utterly worn out. Michelle and I trundled off on Friday night, and after a 1/2 hour drive (I swear we were driving round in circles – the island isn’t THAT big, surely…) we arrived at the beginning of a small farm track. Another 20 minutes after that (yes, it was plainly the world’s longest farm track) we found the cottage, in the middle of nowhere…
A visit to an animal sanctuary (where Michelle’s mum cracked some frankly appalling Toucan jokes), a visit to the beach (where my grand masterpiece of a sand-sculpted World Trade Center was roundly poo-pooed) and a visit to the Isle of Wight’s brave attempt at Alton Towers all came thick and fast in the next 36 hours and finally, bruised and battered, Michelle and I spooned ourselves into the car for the long trip back home.

Lack of Posts

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Bad, Bad Me.
Number of posts is inversely proportional to the busyness of Wibbler.
Well, that’s it. We’ve moved house. Last night for the emotional final night in Home Way, fuelled by a chinese takeaway and I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here. I’m telling you this mainly for online fodder for you dear visitors, but also because Paul D has been on the case, berating the lack of posts on here, bless him. I phoned him, kind of alarm-bell-like, at 6.30am, while in a traffic jam on the way to work. He was thoroughly pleased with me, in a non-existant kind of a way, and scolded me like the bad blogger I am! And now, to rub salt into the veritable wound, I’m offline at home for a few days, when NTL install our ADSL cable. Will I cope? Will I heck.