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Barclays 1

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And I thought NTL were bad.
Barclays really are Class A goons. Over the past few weeks, their inescapably incompetant skills have left me speechless. After they bungled my Graduate Loan to such an extent that they took ?750 out of my account one morning, I fired off a letter detailing everything thats happened so far – with the more than capable overseeing eyes of Jac and my parents (here it is – letter 1). Then, astonishingly, they sent me another letter, from THE VERY PERSON I addressed the first letter to. It claimed I had defaulted on my loan, and that I would be taken to court, with interest being charged at 18 pence a day. Bah humbug. Off went the second letter (here it is – Letter 2). I even included my charges to date, and told them I was charging them interest at 40 pence a day. That should do it.

Tree Down

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Goodness, what stormy weather. I’ve done my good deed for the year – picked a poor little tree off the road in the height of the storms. Well, i say picked – it took three of us musclemen to pull the damn thing of the road…

Birthday weekend

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Well, that’s it, another funky birthday over with! Thanks to everyone who sent a card/bought a round/bought a present, and special thank to Paul D for remembering my birthday while enjoying himself in the depths of America. A faint and crackly phone call from him (on the right day and everything) was frighteningly clever of him. Firm friend, that one.
So, what did I do? Well, Friday night was terribly messy, with work mates plying me with Black Russians and beer and allsorts. Needless to say, Saturday morning was a no-show – I even had to delay my present-opening ceremony at Michelle’s to compose myself. Still, several presents and copious cards later, I was raring to go to Thorpe Park for a day of stomach-churning rides. There was just the one ride that made be think that the previous night had been a bad idea. Was it the death-defying 10-loop rollercoaster? The Water Rapids, gently swaying to and fro in the worsening weather?
No. It was the Teacup Ride.
Still, Saturday night’s “Wibbler’s Birthday/Shunta’s Engagement Party” came and went without a hitch, with Open Mike night working it’s magic. And from the sounds of things, Shunta’s fiance had a lovely time in the four-poster…

Zoe’s Effluent

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Most amusing comment this week comes from Zoe, after the work lavatories were blocked the the second time in a week:
“I don’t know, effluent just seems to follow me around like a bad smell.”

Nerdish skills shortage

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For those who don’t know me quite as well as my nearest and dearest, I try to sustain a modicum of freelance web development to keep my bank manager reasonably happy. Recently though, I’ve not felt the urge to compulsively code late into the night, and that’s somewhat worrying. I’ve got several projects on the go, all pining for attention, and several clients suggesting future lucrative deals and all I want to do is play my computer games and read magazines. And go out on the town, of course, which I did lavishly last night. As I sit here, brain still thudding dully from the nightclub ‘music’, I really hope my nerdish skills come back soon…