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Freak Dishwasher Accident

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There’s been a fair bit in the papers in the last couple of days about the freak dishwasher accident that killed that woman in Scotland (here’s the BBC News story). I was reading an article in the Daily Mail all about it yesterday – “very rare accident”, it said, “only one other case known in existence”, it said, a twelve year old boy back in 1997. Not so, I immediately countered – I had done exactly the same thing in 1985, while playboxing with my dad! I still have the amusingly placed scar on my right buttock. Sensing fame, I’ve duly fired off a couple of emails to the newspaper and the seemingly pointless Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. I expect to be on This Morning with Fern Britton within days.

Changes Afoot Again

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I get a week off work, and what do you know – a facelift is on the cards! Shall be updating/changing other nooks and a few crannies over the next few days…

Nothing Foreign For Diana

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From Yahoo News and NTK:

“Burrell has also dismissed claims that Diana was pregnant when she died or that she had taken cocaine. ‘Her body was an absolute temple, she would not put anything into her body that was foreign’ he said…”

Mastercare Nightmare

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I recently made the discovery that Dixons, Currys and PC World are actually all the same company. They’re all large high street retailers, and all frankly rubbish, as Jac found out on his recent trip to PC World. And i’ve just stumbled a detailed log of one customer’s catalogue of chaos with Dixons in Guildford, a website simply called Mastercare Nightmare. The IT news site The Register tells the story, and she’s managed to get press coverage as far away as New Zealand. Her website is new well-known enough to have stopped at ?270,000 of business going their way. You go, girl!

Crikey, What a Busy Week

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Lordy lordy, a busy week if ever I had one. 3 days at Head Office installing a new stock system, one debauched visit to The Star in Guildford to watch Tom L in the Battle of the Bands (his band came second), and a huge party last night at Vinopolis in London for my godmother’s fiftieth birthday. There were 150 of us to the Great Halls, all related in some way. It was a mite imposing, but, 4 hours of networking later I discovered at least three more cousins…