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Bob Hope’s Obituaries

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Most amusing fact of the day: It seems Bob Hope’s death was much-awaited. His obituary in the Evening Standard was written by Alexander Walker, who died two weeks before him. And the one in the New York Times was written by a journalist, Vincent Canby, who died in 2000.

Fame Academy: Fixed

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A little note on Fame Academy for the always brilliant Popbitch:
Fame Academy is based on the idea that the voting public can make an ordinary person’s dreams come true. But it’s a lie. Most of the contestants this year are seasoned professionals who have been placed on the show by record labels who’ve already signed them.
Of the first entries to Fame Academy, Louise Griffiths sang backing vocals for Girls Aloud, Al Griffen is signed to Trevor Horn’s Perfect Songs, and Carolynne Good is signed to BMG. Other ringers include Nathan Thomas (a Univeral signing, who wrote Another Lover for Dane Bowers), Nicole Davis (signed with BMG publishing), Janee Bennett (signed to Windswept Pacific Music) and Mark Vallance (who is writing songs for 19 Music).
Britain’s cynical music industry is using the show as a focus group for their new acts, with the whole thing paid for by gullible voters (and of course everyone who pays a BBC license fee).”
Another programme to miss then.

New Carphone

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Well, that’s that then. I’ve bought the all new and rather clever Bluetooth carphone kit. Bluetooth, for those non-geeks, means “wireless” (here’s more on it). so you can just get into the car, phone in pocket, and the carphone kit senses the phone, and runs everything through the carkit. With the phone still in your pocket. “Wow” is the only word I’ve found to describe it.
It’s my first substantial unnecessary purchase since my “all new” neck massager (“ONLY ?49!”), and I’m rather pleased. AND I got it at half price.

LiveTV is back!

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My student days would not have been complete without drunkenly watching LiveTV at 1am in the morning. The Bouncy Weatherman and Topless Darts were particular favourites. It is, therefore, with considerable pleasure that I read this piece this morning: LiveTV bounces back, and promises “all the old faves”. Splendid.


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What are RFID tags? This Guardian article tells you, but in a nutshell they are tags that allow a company to track its products in its shop and outside, and effectively follow us and their goods around. Walmart are the first to try it out in the supermarket sector, and Benetton contemplated weaving tags in their clothes until a consumer backlash headed them off. Nice for the shop, but a tad scary for the rest of us…

Interesting Archives…

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There’s been one entry that has been bubbling with comments for over a year now: my post on a friend appearing in Young, Posh and Loaded. Every month or so, another comment pops up from someone I don’t know, and while that is obviously a good thing (the comments facility is for comments, and they’re commenting, yay), it kind of freaks me. Why are they so interested in it? How the hell are they finding the link? And who the hell is Jules?