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Rubik’s Games

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I’m starting to think I was only one to ever buy a Rubik’s Clock. The hours I spent trying to work it out, the effort I put in, whilst all along there’s a simple solution to the infernal thing. While we’re on Rubik’s games, this man with an audiacious mullet has lots of tips on solving them, and another man can solve the Rubik’s Cube in 16 seconds (.mpg file). Impressive, although his social life must have suffered…
UPDATE: I’ve posted this on MetaFilter too. Check out the responses

Mr Boring

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There’s been a distinct lack of my personal life on recently – basically because a long narrative about my recent life would likely bore you to tears. No gossip, no days out, no drunken brawls, nothing of any interest has happened. Yep, I’ve become Mr Boring! There are several upcoming things which will no doubt bring tales of debauchery – I’ll try my hardest…