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Missing In Action

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I’m having one of those lulls. The avid journalist in me seems to be taking a holiday, jumped ship, all worn out after the recent BBC article I somehow spurted out in a late night scribbling session one Thursday night. It’s not like I have nothing to say – I’ve taken in the delights of Munich, flying back with the legendary Boris Becker; been to Nick’s 32nd birthday party; started visiting the gym; and now I’m off to Leeds. In short, I’ve been very busy, and my wibbler.com rants have suffered. But have no fear. I’ll be back with you just as soon as I can…

Nick’s Bell Tolls

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Nick is now 32. Such a senior age suggested a party was needed, and the Pyrford Cricket club seemed the ideal location. Sarah organised the food with aplomb – there’s something very English about cooking a barbeque in the rain – and Michelle kept me on the straight and narrow. I won’t embellish you too much with the night’s details – suffice to say that Nick received a singing pig from Michelle and I, and that water pistol fights – Boys vs Girls – are FUN.

David “Leadfoot” B strikes again…

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I don’t get many text messages from David B, but when I do they always make me chuckle. Take last night’s for instance. “Si, as an expert in the subject, how many points am I likely to get for 75mph in a 50? PS How’s the new job going?”
I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, David. He MAY have been alluding to the copious amounts of points I received during my first heady months of driving. Why, those crafty policeman? *shakes fist*
Anyway, since you ask, it’s up to 5 points and a maximum fine of ?1000, based on your income. And the job’s lovely, thanks.

A Parting Shot from Bloggerheads

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With a heavy heart, Tim at Bloggerheads has announced he’s hanging up his activist mouse. His fantastic final act, The Parting Shot (for Bush the fascist and Blair the appeaser), is a masterpiece, a tear jerker – please visit it, even if you don’t see eye to eye with him (that’s you, mother…). Always insightful, always provocative, and run by a bloody good bloke, Bloggerheads was one of the most popular sites on the internet. End of an era – thanks for everything, Tim! Hopefully we’ll keep in touch…

Bad Mannered Wheels

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Oh how my heart leapt when I discovered this picture. Yes, I know there’s naughty words, but this is just SO close to my heart: