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These last two weeks have been a bumper ones for email forwards. Here are three of the highlights all stored in the Files directory:
– The controversial Suicide Bomber advertisement from Volkswagen (denied by VW, and in the news everywhere).
– The redeem themselves, the absolutely SUPERB Gene Kelly/VW Golf GTi advertisement.
– A very sweary but very funny song about the London Underground, by a band called Amateur Transplants. The rest of the album is here, and if you buy it the money goes to charity.
UPDATE: So, I innocently forward the London Underground song it to Tim over at, which was apparently enough to spur him on and make a flash video of the song in under a day! Here’s the story behind the video, and here’s the main event – The London Underground Web Video, including all those naughty words…


  • chez dafyd says:

    Yay – more funny stuff

    Heh – a couple of jolly witty viral campaigns today, all shamelessly stolen from Wibbler: The advert “definitely not produced by Volkswagen – honest” – but I bet they wish they had And the advert “definitely produced by Volkswagen” which shows Gene Kel…

  • Elema says:

    Whats up man!

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