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Er… hello.

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Eh? What was that wooshing sound? Oh, I see. It was almost a FULL MONTH with no posts. As usual when this kind of thing happens, I could list all the various things that have conspired to foil posting anything of relevance – but on this occasion I think I’ll just tell you that in the next few days I’ll be retro-adding some posts on the more interesting things that have happened, involving Top of The Pops, marriage, resignation, drugs, technology and (as ever) Boris Johnson. Just a small wait, eager webwatchers…
New posts:Nothing’s Permanent

In which I learn that nothing’s permanent

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Working life can be a little humdrum sometimes. I’ve been lucky enough to always enjoy the jobs I’ve had, and this company were always going to get my vote – young, growing, and with great people guiding it. After one and a half years, I’ve settled in nicely. But nothing prepared me for the twin-pronged shock I got recently. Firstly one of my close colleagues claimed she was going shopping with sister – but instead managed to get married without anyone knowing. And then in the same week our Managing Director – at the impossibly young age of 34 – decided his career needed a boost and announced he was leaving at the end of November. I suppose its a feature of a young and growing company that those in power are still ambitious, but it’ll be a big shame when he leaves. Still, as we all reminded him when he announced his resignation, we’ve now got another excuse for a party…