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Yellow Stickies.

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I remember, years ago, my dad used to come home every now and then, arms filled with the holy grail of office organisation – packs upon packs of Post-It notes. Yellow slips of paper that revolutionised office life. Twenty-Five Years of Post-it Notes is an article that rakes over the history of this piece of genius. And, for a bit of light Post-It-related relief, why not take a look at Damon’s New Office? It’s the best use of Post-Its I’ve seen. Ever.

Ruff Acting

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There’s no doubt that if there’s anything depressing, distressing or deeply disturbing, you can bet it’s happened in Eastenders. Compare that with the fluffy, happy-go-lucky antics of well-trained dogs at Crufts this year, also filmed by the BBC. A BBC website visitor, Ross (27), sums up my sentiments exactly on the BBC Website:

“Crufts was great as it is every year. I think we should have more dogs on TV, I for one would like to see dogs getting better TV roles. I ask you would it not brighten up the deeply depressing show Eastenders, if we were to see a dog on the show with a gripping story line e.g. Rover & The Missing Sausages. Surely it would break up the dullness we are usually treated to every day of the week.”

Good things come to those who…

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Well, let’s not labour the point here – I’ve been absent. In fact, for a number of days, even has been absent. My website was battered with visitors, my gallery was hacked by Islamic militants (nope, I’m not kidding – in fact it’s still stuffed if you want to look) and I was snowed under with events that really took a higher priority. But here I am. And you’ve missed a lot. There were at least two trips to Edinburgh that I’d love to have mentioned, plus several parties and amusing anecdotes that made me chuckle. I could rake over old ground – and maybe I’ll roll out some stories with the going gets sluggish – but let’s start afresh. Let’s break the ice.
Hello, dear reader. How are you?