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“Let’s keep it melancholy.”

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Jac and I have been following the band Easyworld since we were young. Well, younger. When they split, we mourned a little. then David Ford, the lead singer, went solo, and we cheered up a little bit. He is a musical genius, able to play almost any instrument you can think of, and write lyrics that are painfully incisive. Here are some of Easyworld’s videos, and some of David’s own stuff (his own site is
Anyway, that’s enough of the promotion, I want to boast. David’s been touring Australia and America, and was offering a one-night-only show in London. Tickets sold out before I’d even had the chance to log on and find them. Then he moved to a larger venue – again they were sold out before I got back from work that day. So, clutching at straws, I emailed Jac, who has made some usual friends while trying to get into the music industry. “Can you get some tickets?” I asked him, resigned to the fact there was almost certainly no chance.
And then, an email from Jac. “I am amazing,”, it started, which was no surprise – he’s become a One Man Publicity Machine of late. Yes, yes, I muttered, why this time? “I have got tickets for David Ford tonight.”
As I entered The Borderline venue that night, I had to admit that for once Jac was amazing. Here we were at a sold out gig, with two free guest tickets. Ford’s supporting act were the surprisingly good Angus and Julia Stone, a brother and sister who had travelled from Australia to break themselves in over here. And then, sweet lord, it was David Ford, telling everyone who cheered to “keep it melancholy, alright?” It was the first time I’d seen him live, and he was better than I’d even imagined. Using everything he could lay his hands on to make musical sounds, he was a one man band with a difference, proving that music can be everywhere and that he actually didn’t need any other band members at all. Jac’s musical review is here. Word has it he’s doing well in America at the moment – let’s hope he doesn’t stay over there. He’s a bit of a secret on the music scene at the moment, and perversly I’d quite like him to stay that way…
And then the train drivers went on strike, meaning that I spent an uncomfortable 90 minutes in the back of a taxi with two Guildford-based indians who could barely speak English. It was worth it, though…

Barbeques, spoons and backs.

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There are some friends that are always going to be there for support, advice and, most important of all, barbeques. paul D hosts one at least once a year, and yesterday’s was no exception. Even Jac turned up, hobbling around uttering “I’ve got a bad back” to everyone within earshot. The highlight for me was a game of spoons, which Paul’s girlfriend Liz kept winning, and which drew to a climax when Jac, ever the competitor, tried to grab a spoon so aggresively that his fold-up chair buckles, allowing him to collapse disastrously into a nicely warm – and now nicely dented – barbeque uttering “OOOOW, MY BAAAACK.” I had tears in my eyes, and they weren’t in sympathy…

Bump keys – the end of locks…

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Hey! You! Yes, you, sitting on your computer in your house or office, safe in the knowledge that you are surrounded by walls and a locked door that keeps out the criminals aching for your expensive toys. This video, I’m afraid, is about to rock your boat. With a simple modification to a standard key and a couple of tactical bangs on the lock, 90% of locks will open. And, handily, this Dutch news item tells everyone how to do it.
When you’ve digested the contents, feel free to come over and take my enormous television.