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Joke Corner: Driving Dwarves

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This morning on the way to work I rear-ended a car at some lights whilst not really paying attention. The driver got out.. he was a dwarf.

He said, “I’m not happy.”

I replied, “Well, which one are you then?”

Moving from Scuttle to – the fairly easy way

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I’ve been running my own social bookmarking program for a while on this site, but the time has come to upgrade. Trouble is, the program that i’d been using – Scuttle – hadn’t been updated for a while, and there was no exporting function. It was a pain, frankly, until I found this writeup:

So, for all fellow geeks, I hope that link helps…

Subscribe for automated goodness

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Some people have written in saying that they never get updates any more about new stuff on Well, I’m afraid the old database of subscribers has bitten the dust, but a new and better Phoenix has risen. Ladies and Gentleman, the Subscribe page will tell you more

P.S. Those that have already signed up to have automatically been subscribed, you lucky beggars…

Donate to a worthy cause

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I’m not going to lie and say this was a requested feature – it’s more of a self-imposed begging bowl, if I’m honest. I’ve added a “Make A Donation” button on the sidebar which should be used regularly to avoid disappointment.

Facebook is utterly glorious.

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I’ve never been a big fan of social networking websites. They all seem geared too much to one particular field (LinkedIn for business, Flickr for photos etc). Facebook on the other hand really rocks my boat. I don’t know what it is – maybe that it’s like FriendsReunited on steroids – I’ve found so many old school and college friends on there, and even some long lost family relatives. Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to tell everyone what you’re doing, and therefore easy to find out what everyone else is doing. Maybe it’s because it’s not owned by a big monstrous company (yet). Maybe it’s because anything it’s missing is made up for by the 3rd party applications that are built around it – you can import your Flickr photos (and sync them), you can show the photos and status on your website (there’s a load of the other best extensions here). The site was offered $1 billion to be bought out last year, but they said no – and since then have grown and grown, the clever beggars. Whatever the pull is, I’m there with bells on. Try it, gwan gwan.