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Goodbye, Grandma

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Grandma - croppedOld age is remarkably undignified. As you trace across the land of time, your body gradually degrades, reminding you that time is not such a great healer after all. When you reach your later years, despite the plethora of drugs and potions available today, there is no elixir of youth that brings you back to your glory days.

Still, at least there *were* glory days, full of fun, smiles and immense occasions. The sad thing is that they usually happen when you’re too young and poor to recognise them. Life is a funny old thing – it would be much better reversed.

At 3am on Sunday 15th July, after 93 years on this planet, my grandmother decided that she’d had enough of life. She died after managing to gather an enormous amount of illnesses all at once, as if ensuring that she’d definitely not be coming back. Goodbye, Grandma.

A subject a day keeps the apple away

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Learning is, frankly, awesome. I cannot stop it – I wake up and around 6.30 every morning and immediately wonder what’s on the news, in the papers, and appearing ont he internet. Andy, a friend from college, tries to learn a word a day from the English dictionary, for example. He must be up to the D’s by now, I reckon.

Me? I’ve decided to try going one better, and you can join me. Get the “Wikipedia Article of the day” by email, and you can learn a subject a day. If that’s not enough (and unemployed?), then reach for the article “Learn Something New Every Day“. It’ll fill your boots with pleasure. And, of course, knowledge.