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Photography Phame

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Dorian House, BathI’ve never been one for taking photographs. At least not ones that are any good. My dad was always at it, taking great pictures of most things that moved with his enormous and probably very expensive camera. But I didn’t inherit the snap-happy gene, with any pictures I do take looking as though a drunken, blind 3 year old was fiddling with the buttons. Just take a look at my gallery.
However, it seems as though other people have a different view. Last year, a local newspaper reporter wrote to me requesting use of some of my Guildford Fireworks photos. As ever, I’d just clicked and hoped on most of those babies, but it seems I’d managed to pull a few moments of glory off.
And then out of the blue comes another piece of photo-related fame. A few weeks ago, an email dropped into my busy inbox from Schmap, a web and paper-based tourist map of the UK. A photo I’d taken of Dorian House, a cracking hotle in Bath that Michelle and I visit around once a year, had made it to the final secletion for the 3rd edition of their Bath Guide. I dismissed it – but two weeks later, I am now the proud owner of a photo that will grace many a computer monitor and coffee table for the next year! Here’s the photo, and here’s their page showing the photo – it’s a shame that they’ve overlooked one critical thing though. If you look carefully in the mirror, there is a guest appearance (obviously unnoticed by Schmap) by my remarkably toned stomach! I now have a famous torso – I’m so proud…

Matchbox Twenty returns

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I first discovered Matchbox Twenty when Jac called me up and told me that his ears were glowing from listening to their song “Long Day“. Since that moment, I’ve been a firm fan. They’re mainstream pop/rock, have never really been promoted over here and are sometimes derided over in America, where they’re sometimes seen as a bit bland. No matter though – they’ve sold 39 million albums so far and their lead singer Rob Thomas has written for the Rolling Stones, Santana and Chris Daughtry among others, so they can’t be all bad!
In fact they’re not bad in any way. And after a year long break (while Rob Thomas released his own album) they’re back with a corking song How Far We’ve Come. Here it is (there’s more below the video):
And, thanks to Youtube, there’s always someone doing their own cover. Here’s one which is a tad special – not least because he’s managed to work out the lyrics and guitar tabs himself…