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Free SMS websites in the UK

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There seem to be a load of US websites popping up giving website visitors free SMS text messages. Hell, even Google’s at it. But what about us Brits? Here’s a list of the current websites supporting free text messaging.

GizmoSMS – www.gizmosms.com
SMS to over 20 countries. Part of GizmoProject.

Kazooii – www.kazooii.com/freesms
SMS to the UK, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Philipines, Sri Lanka, Iran, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and many more countries.

Wadja – www.wadja.com
Wadja is a mobile web, media and social messaging service, managing your communication and interaction from trusted sources (friends, family and address book contacts). Requires registration.

Bloove – www.bloove.com
Goes further than other providers, allowing full web-based mobile phone management. Requires registration.

Alison Richard memorial cancelled

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Sadly, word has reached me that Alison’s planned memorial service in London has been cancelled. It is immensely sad that this is the case.
Alison’s brother Alan has put some further thoughts here:
“I thought the funeral was a wonderful send off to Alison, who incidentally was not a strongly religious person, and the Obituaries (thanks Jeremy) was another recognition of her achievements. I think that it is better now to leave her to rest in peace.
It is possible I shall turn up outside the church in case anyone has not been notified and take them off for a drink and/or a bite to eat in Alison’s memory.”

Fleeting visits to the Emerald Isle

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“We apologise for the inconvenience this delay may cause. Again.”

I’m beginning to tred a well-worn path to Ireland. My first trip – on the Wibbler Tour of Dublin 2003 – was a triumph of unbelievable proportions, fuelled by alcohol and only partially memorable because of it. Sadly, every other time I’ve arrived on the Emerald Isle, the main purpose has been business. Shannon was the first business trip, where I found a country so laid back and quiet that I recommended taking a good book. Cork has been the destination of choice ever since, and I’ve discovered that almost everywhere I stay around the town, there’s a wonderful view out of the window – sumptuous rolling hills and wide landscapes framed by the grey interior of a taxi’s rear window, followed by picturesque buildings seen through white blandness of a hotel’s PVC window. And, in reality, that’s about as much as I see of the glamorous locations I sometimes visit.

However, tonight I think I’ve seen enough of the glass-filled interior of Cork Airport. I’m currently sitting in the airport lounge, having just been informed of a two hour delay on the last flight home to London. It’s 10pm, and there are children getting angry and staff looking tense. My bladder is weakening with every moment. Who needs Terminal 5 when there’s Aer Lingus, eh?

Linkblog – April 13th to April 17th

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Linkblog between April 13th and April 17th:

Just so you know, this is an automated recent overview of the Linkblog, a collection of interesting links I find on my travels. The archives are here: http://www.wibbler.com/category/linkblog/


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It’s not often I see a programme I want to sing multiple praises of – but I’ve just watched Clowns, a documentary following 4 clowns around their daily lives. Tommy Tickle was the star for me – genuinely funny, combined with prolific swearing – just how we suspect clowns always are behind the scenes. You can still watch it until Monday on the BBC iPlayer – here’s the link (and when it expires, I’m sure it’ll be in Google Video).