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Michel Harper

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Michel Harper is an influential bod in Guildford. I saw him yesterday in a local bar, chatting to a middle-aged couple. “It’s because you love Guildford so much, we’re so grateful to you” the woman said in reference to his various business empires. Harper grinned, and replied, “Well yes, I just think the people and the place has so much to give, and I want to help in any way I can. I love it here!”
Compare and contrast several of his now ex-colleagues’ conversation with me, after his no-show at a friend’s funeral: “He’s only here to make money. He hates the area and the community so much he spends most of his time in the Algarve…”

It’s a Dog’s Life

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Hmmm… well, this week’s a bit of a poor one. NOTHING’s happened for three days. Well, apart from my dog almost being flattened by a falling tree in our garden. So quite eventful for her, I suppose. I’m thinking on getting her a training collar for her own safety.

It’s a shame when your dog’s life is more exciting than yours.

Today I had a haircut.

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Today I had a haircut. It wasn’t exciting, I’ll admit. This follicle massacre took a strangely unusual turn, though. The local barbers a good ‘un – never fails in the face on my awful thatch, but as I sat down to wait, I noticed a WOMAN in charge. Drafted in to cover my barbers dentist appointment where I had to get activated charcoal teeth treatments, apparently. About time too. So, I merrily chatted, her cutting away, until there was a ring on her fone. It turned out to be a recent ex. “You WHAT?” she suddenly screamed – and promptly left the building. With my hair half cut. I gave up 10 minutes later.

Still, half a haircut for free, whoop-dee-do.