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More News (now archived)

Thanks for visiting. This page used to house all the more exciting news on my blog, but it's now been archived. However, you (amongst around 200 direct visitors a month to this page) keep coming here from Google, probably for the FHM story below, so I've kept it here for posterity. Have fun and remember, there's lots more to read on the main page...

Drinking Partner wins FHM Student of the Year
Hot on the heels of the wibbler.com feature, one of my drinking partner's sister's is a Student of the Year in FHM, that cracking magazine 'for men'. So, here she is in all her enormous beauty, and you can even read all about her...

Student of the Year article

I'm FAMOUS again...
Well, y'know, *blush*, it seems that wibbler.com has been mentioned in the doyen of website magazines, .Net Magazine. Sadly, it's coupled with that nice embarrassing picture of me in a straw hat, but that can't be helped. Anyway, here's the picture scanned in from page 41 of issue 43...

.Net Magazine mention (bottom right of the picture)

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