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pighead and teacosy

Pighead and Teacosy™ was developed almost by accident when an odd couple of grillers turned up to a school reunion bash, and set about creating the finest culinary experience available.

During the course of the barbeque one of the grillers, to gain the other's attention, hollered, "Oi, Pighead" (explained in full below), to which Pighead simply replied, "Yes, Teacosy?" (similarly explained below). The name was born.

The barbequed cuisine was so impressive that many called for the two grillers to promote their obvious talent on a world in need of a firm barbeque boost.

So they did.

P i g h e a d
pighead Born in Surrey to a removals man, Pighead has developed a fine taste in outdoor cuisine through the many barbeques that he was dragged through at his happy family home. The charcoal burgers and petrified chicken wings provide many a joyful memory of those early days. A gifted griller from an early age, in his teenage years he felt that he could, with a little hard graft, deliver a barbequeing experience unrivalled in its field, and developed Pighead and Teacosy™ with a firm schoolfriend.

Pighead, contrary to popular belief, by no means has a head like a pig. His name was derived during the first Pighead and Teacosy™-hosted barbeque, when Pighead turned up in a hat that was shaped, unnervingly, like a pig's head. Coupled with his 'Miss World' apron, the name was born.
T e a c o s y
Teacosy spent much of his early years honing a remarkable craving for grilled Burger King burgers (a Deluxe Quarter-Pounder with Cheese was a particular favourite). His waistline started expanding as rapidly as his cravings, and in 1999 he had to be airlifted out of his small townhouse after getting wedged in his bedroom doorframe with nothing but a small teacosy to protect his modesty. He decided that enough was enough and after a brief spell in Burger Munchers Anonymous (BMA), he emerged to form a unique partnership with Pighead as the prime Outdoor Meat Caterers for a generation. As the career move provides a blatent example of BMA therapy failure, he has also formed a rival group called the Burger Lovers Simply Hate Therapy (BLSHT), commonly known as "Bullshit".

The name 'Teacosy' is a reference to the hugely embarrassing wedging incident, and serves as a constant reminder as to how far Teacosy has come since those early days.