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pighead and teacosy

Whether you are having a summer party, celebrating a wedding, or catering for a friend's funeral, Pighead and Teacosy™ Barbecue Professionals offers you the chance to let someone else do the hard work, while you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Our friendly, exceptional staff are thoroughly trained in our revolutionary barbecuing techniques, such as the Wentworth Flip, the Long Toss, the Scorch Scoop and the world famous BurgAir™. Such unique skills are the reason why Pighead and Teacosy™ has become the market leader in meat cuisine.

The latest industry figures from the National Institute of Outdoor Gastronomy show that Pighead and Teacosy™ are by far the country's most popular catering service, with a giant 43% of customers satisfied, compared to the industry average of 26%. We also undercook a mere 4% of food, in contrast to the 17% average.

Pighead and Teacosy™ caters for all your barbecuing needs, we can char-grill your spicy chicken, make your sausage taste out of this world, and we'll even spit-roast a pig.

So if you need someone to cater for you, if you want the world's best, and if you want to be impressed, maybe you should hire Pighead and Teacosy™.

Call NOW on 0800 666 999 for a free quote and soon you could be experiencing the wonders of Pighead and Teacosy™ Barbecue Professionals.