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pighead and teacosy

Inventor: 'Pighead'
Our revolutionary BurgAirô technique allows greater air penetration, resulting in the most perfectly barbequed burger every time!
The vertical aerial elevation of beef to a prime position where the air can infiltrate the under side allows brief cooling to avoid incineration. BurgAir

This groundbreaking technique was showcased at the National Barbeque Fair 2001 and since then has been hailed as the single most advanced development in the barbeque world. See it in action when we serve you a juicy one!
 Scorch Scoop
Inventor: 'Teacosy'
The scooping of a burger using one free, open motion when the flames of the barbecue are licking through the grill'

 Wentworth Flip
Inventor: 'Pighead'
When a burger is ready for turning, it is scooped, and spun on the slice by a rapid wrist movement, then flipped into the air, and caught reverse side up on the slice again.'

 Long Toss
Inventor: 'Teacosy'
When there are parallel barbecues, burgers and chicken are simply scooped from one barbecue, then accurately tossed over to the other (the technique is perfected by those barbecuers that lift their left leg when doing so), depending on whether the meat needs rapid or slow cooking.'