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pighead and teacosy

Not quite convinced about employing Pighead and Teacosy™ to do your catering? Not quite sure if you want us or a competitor? Well why not read what these satisfied customers had to say about their experiences...

  1. Mr Frank Furter from Frankfurt said :

    "Pighead and Teacosy offer a very professional service. Friendly, organised and entertaining, we were not disappointed at all. They even promised me they would undercook a sausage for my disliked mother-in-law. EXCELLENT SERVICE!"

  2. Mrs Barbara Cuesauce from Enfield said :

    "Absolutely amazing service that this company offers! They cook very well and the food has a unique, char-grilled taste. Out of this world!"

  3. Mr Luke Warmlager from Chesterfield said :

    "Pighead and Teacosy™ even sell beer when they cater for you, and at a lower price than anywhere I could find locally! The only condition they have is that they are allowed to consume as many as they want themselves! Brilliant!"

  4. Mr Ivor Tiddler from London said :

    "When I brought along my own special vegetarian sausage (with cheese topping) and a couple of soya meat balls to Pighead and Teacosy™, they were more than happy to barbecue them on a separate grill (which they called the 'awkward bastard grill') just for me! There aren't many other companies that offer THAT genre of service."

  5. Mrs A. Angus from Aberdeen remarked :

    "Pighead and Teacosy travelled all the way up here to bonnie Scotland from their headquarters in the south of England, and they spit-roasted a pig all night, right in front of everyone!"