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One Wild Night, Sometime Next Year

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I was poised on the “Find Tickets” button, having a fit of giggles. Ticketmaster had kindly allowed us to book tickets to a Bon Jovi concert a year early. However, the plan to book them wasn’t without obstacles. The venue, Wembley Stadium, had yet to be built. We had no idea if the venue would be built in time or even what the seating allocation would be. The ticket booking limit in one transaction was six, but we had eight eager and willing ticketholders waiting for the chance to seat next to each other and watch the magnificent Bon Jovi in action.
So, we hatched a plan. Jac and I would buy four tickets each, at the same time, and hopefully we would be allocated tickets if not next to each other, then pretty damn close. After tricking the Ticketmaster helpline into serving me a live helpdesk person instead of its automated service, we confirmed there was no way to group book, and all the gold and silver tickets were sold out. Not a happy moment. (By the way: if anyone wants to know how to do the Ticketmaster Trick, just phone 0870 4000700 and don’t type anything into the handset when you connect to the Ticketmaster helpline. It’ll soon tire of your ineptitude and shove you through to a call handler.)
Still, the plan had promise, and I phoned Jac up and prepared to click the website button that would allocate our tickets at almost identical times. Counting down from three, Jac and I were ready.
This was it. Our ticket allocations were about to digitally collide in union.
Jac’s call to action prompted our right hands – one in Harrow, one in Guildford – to simultaneously click the “find tickets” button, and over the next few minutes we feverishly typed in our details in unison, before finally submitting our payment and getting confirmation. Confirmation that we were going to attend one of the seminal moments in the opening week of one of the seminal stadiums in London with good friends either side.
So roll on Sunday 11th June 2006. Even if we do end up on different sides of the gargantuan stadium.