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Saddam Shame

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So, Saddam’s dead then, which will surely come as a shock if you’ve been living under a large rock this Christmas. But, in these cases, it’s always worth looking beyond the headlines. Robert Fisk has two articles showing the emerging murky facts about the execution. In “Our complicity dies with him,” Fisk notes that the many secrets Saddam Hussein had about the West’s business dealings with Iraq are gone forever. which is handy for George and Tony. In “A dictator created then destroyed by America“, he points out that “Osama bin Laden will certainly rejoice, along with Bush and Blair.” And finally, for those that wondered why the “official” execution video had no sound, IraqSlogger describes the common-sense and divisive conclusions you can draw from the timing of the execution and the soundtrack on the new sneaky mobile phone video of the execution. Nothing’s as it seems, is it? Happy New Year, Iraq!

A Parting Shot from Bloggerheads

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With a heavy heart, Tim at Bloggerheads has announced he’s hanging up his activist mouse. His fantastic final act, The Parting Shot (for Bush the fascist and Blair the appeaser), is a masterpiece, a tear jerker – please visit it, even if you don’t see eye to eye with him (that’s you, mother…). Always insightful, always provocative, and run by a bloody good bloke, Bloggerheads was one of the most popular sites on the internet. End of an era – thanks for everything, Tim! Hopefully we’ll keep in touch…

I Believe in the BBC

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Blair obviously thinks he’s on to a winner with these Inquiries. First the whitewash, now the obscure-question-that-nobody-asked Inquiry. We all want to know the reasons we went to war, and why Blair made the decision. So what does he do? Order an enquiry into intelligence services that, whatever the outcome, doesn’t even touch any political decisions made by him. I’m in awe of the audacity.
But back to the great white Hutton Report. Tim, of bloggerheads fame, has started a campaign to support the BBC in its troubled times:

Click here to find out why.

Click it. Go on. And as Expat says, “The BBC is a venerable institution providing a service to the world, and to have it crippled or eliminated on the basis of an increasingly questionable government investigation would be a travesty.” A travesty that Rupert Murdoch would be pleased about – his media empire loyally reporting the BBC’s demise in America is enough to make you retch…

David Kelly – Part 2

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More of David Kelly: The Independent reports he wrote of many dark actors playing games hours before his death. The BBC reports he slit his wrists, and Nick Assinder writes that this huge situation has changed politics forever. And Blair is now under intense pressure, which is a rather large understatement. To be fair, you almost feel sorry for him – he looks a broken man at the moment. Still, your lies always come back to haunt you…
And pleasingly, that picture I posted yesterday is the second most-forwarded picture in the country at the moment, according to Lycos. Well done Tim!