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Not the whole tooth

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A while ago I waxed lyrical about a new craze that was sweeping the nation – “toothing“. People used phones with bluetooth to wirelessly invite others for a bit of rumpy. Newspapers and magazines helped to get huge coverage of the new sex craze. And then this week, a year later, Edge magazine revealed it was their hoax. Damn and blast.


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A regular on public transport or in bars (or, frankly, anywhere)? Got a bluetooth device? Up for a bit of rumpy? You’ll be wanting to read up the murky but satisfying world of Toothing. And then go spread your wild oats.

New Carphone

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Well, that’s that then. I’ve bought the all new and rather clever Bluetooth carphone kit. Bluetooth, for those non-geeks, means “wireless” (here’s more on it). so you can just get into the car, phone in pocket, and the carphone kit senses the phone, and runs everything through the carkit. With the phone still in your pocket. “Wow” is the only word I’ve found to describe it.
It’s my first substantial unnecessary purchase since my “all new” neck massager (“ONLY ?49!”), and I’m rather pleased. AND I got it at half price.