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OnSpeed – any good?

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Can someone tell me about OnSpeed please? Their strapline “Speed up your internet without hassle” come two a penny nowadays, but it appears that this actually works. You can have a dial-up connection at your standard 56kps, slap on OnSpeed software, and it speeds it up by 5 times as much. You can even triple broadband speeds. All for ?2 a month. Their website shows rave reviews from computer magazines, so they must be on to something (although The Guardian’s review was a little more balanced about it, mentioning the poorer graphics and same-speed file downloading). Has anyone used it?

Carkit and Broadband

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I’ve just noticed I’ve almost completely missed telling you of my two new technology buys – firstly a new bluetooth carkit, which is completely wireless and VERY cool. I can get in my car with my phone in my pocket, and the carkit just KNOWS it’s there, and connects up! Tremendous. And secondly, we now have broadband internet at home! The World Wide Wait has become exceedingly fast for the first time in 1 1/2 years…

Broadband’s Coming Home

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After an eternity away from home, working away in deep Oxfordshire, I’m finally back, revelling in the news that my little village is getting broadband on the 6th August. Regular readers will know of my struggle to adapt when we moved to a non-broadband house – regressing to a slower connection is not my idea of fun. Still, a 56k connection was still serviceable, and we were all resigned to never again being able to be a broadband snob. And then this website leaped up, spread the word at the local elections, shouted a bit, and BT decided enough was enough. Broadband’s Coming Home!


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“So, been busy?”
My manager breezed in this morning after a week-long jaunt to the sunny beaches of Saint Lucia, sickeningly brown and bearing chocolatey gifts. “Busy?” I said. “BUSY?” I exclaimed. Then, muttering something about a blue-arsed fly, I detailed the amount I had done while 2 of the 3 other managers had taken a small easter holiday. Still, I’ve managed to finally install broadband at work, and I’m now busy ‘testing’ sites.
Brilliant. This site works then.