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Phone Idol

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Ringing in the changes: Now that’s the kind of rapid rise career to have. Charles Dunstone set up Carphone Warehouse with £6000 savings. 15 years later, he’s just bought the once-mighty AOL UK. And all it takes is guts and a bit of luck…

Orange phone upgrade fiasco

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Orange, the phone company 9 out of 10 ex-students prefer, have always been good to me. Cheap, fairly good reception, great customer service…
Well, you can scratch that last one. Michelle upgraded her phone this month to the Samsung A800, and all hell broke loose. First, the new sim card didn’t work. Then Carphone Warehouse and Orange started blaming each other. Then they discovered the phone was faulty. Then the new phone wouldn’t register. Then, after a full 5 days of dithering, and Orange finally helpfully informed us that it was simply a case of registering the sim card. “You should really have been told that 5 days ago, sir…” the man chirpily informed me. My advice to any Orange users – don’t upgrade this month. Their system’s shot to pieces.

New Phone

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So, after its 32nd accidental drop in a year, I’ve upgraded my phone. The poor thing was barely able to keep all it’s broken bits together – the screen was grazed, the battery wobbled, and the next step up, a Nokia 6310i, was looking exceeedingly cheap. I waltzed in to Carphone Warehouse, and met Michelle’s friend the manager, angling for a cheap ‘mate’s rate’ deal. All manner of other phones were on offer, some probably better than the Nokia, but I refused, reminding them that I needed one that fitted my integrated carphone. Replacing that would cost another ?150, and spare money is not in abundance at the moment. So, after a while of comparing, we plumped for the one I originally wanted, and left the building. I was very pleased. I reached my car, jumped in, and slotted it into the carphone holder.
Which, unaccustomed to the new phone, promptly broke.