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Old Alumni Part 2 – Alex Cameron

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Alex Cameron and I first met at college. He was a fun andAlex_Profile_small.jpg unconventional dude, with unkempt hair, a loud voice, a quick wit and
a tendency to go that one step further than everyone else. At one
memorable party, while we were busy drinking and telling Charlotte
Vaughan how nice her house was, he was busy removing all the internal
doors from the entire place and hiding them, before moving downstairs
and exploding an egg in their microwave. He was that kinda guy.
We left college, went our slightly separate ways, and I
occasionally met up and talked with him about computers and old
friends. Then, a couple of years ago, he burst onto the scene –
starting a Mayfair-based company (Digital TX) and harbouring an
incredible idea that could take on the likes of Sky and Virgin Media.
It was always going to be tricky, but if anyone could do it, Alex
could with his enthusiasm, knowledge and downright audacity. He gave
speeches, consultancy, advice, the whole works. He began to know
everybody. He, frankly, was on his way to a dang good future, and he
wasn’t shy of letting everyone notice.
And then, last week, I received an email from him titled “The Offer Of
A Lifetime”. Ominous, I thought. He was over in America, getting finance for his company, and someone had offered him a job. Not just any job, mind you – it’s an absolute
stonker. He’s been offered a multi-million pound deal as a “director… for the newly formed Digital Hollywood consortium”, as he put it. After I’d read the email, a couple of swearwords of admiration passed my lips. If anyone deserves to be obscenely rich, Alex does…
I remember saying at college that Alex, despite finding him a great guy, would end up either incredibly successful or face down in a ditch, such was the wild but brilliant antics. Thankfully, it seems the right path has prevailed! The culture shock of piles of money and success can often bring about that nasty second option – although I think Alex is level-headed enough to cope. Go get ’em, Alex!

C’etait Un Rendezvous

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Back in 1976, I wasn’t even speck on my mum and dad’s horizon. But mystery surrounds this short film I’ve recently discovered from that very year that was shown before cinema audiences at around that time. It chronicles an unedited 8 minute drive through Paris in the early hours of a Sunday morning – in a Ferrari. At 140mph. Pedestrians and birds are scattered, red lights are ignored. It’s a breathtaking film, and this link at Wikipedia gives the lowdown on the background and continuing speculation surrounding it. The director was arrested soon after filming was completed, and no one has ever been able to identify who was driving. Was it the director? Was it a hired Formula One driver, and the director hinted? It’s recently been rereleased after years of being hidden away…
UPDATE: More discussion at Metafilter

EVolvoing Marketing

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You’ve seen that Volvo documentary about all the people from the same town buying the same Volvo on the same day, yes? Here’s the link if you haven’t. Turns out, as you should have suspected, that it’s a fake ad. Even the director came out and said he was conned.
But here’s the rub: the director (and his website) are also a figment of the ad agency’s furtive mind (discussed here). What we have here is a “spoof within a spoof” – the next step in marketing confusion…