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Linkblog – March 17th to April 19th

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Links between March 17th and April 19th:

Just so you know, this is an automated recent overview of the Linkblog, a collection of interesting links I find on my travels. The archives are here: http://www.wibbler.com/category/linkblog/

Cabbies know about everything. Fact.

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Imagine you’re a cabbie waiting to drive a technology editor back from an interview at the BBC television centre. Imagine your surprise when, after you turn up early, you’re grabbed by the floor manager, mistaken for the editor and plonked in front of cameras – and interviewed, live on air, about the latest Apple Computer vs Beatles debacle. Imagine bluffing your way through quite spectacularly…
Don’t worry – there’s no need to imagine – here’s the evidence. The expression on the poor cabbie’s face is priceless…! Here’s a Guardian article on it, here’s loads of news articles on it, and here’s the video. Awesome.

The Fat Labour’s sung

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It’s all over. Labour, inevitably, has managed to hold on to its lead. Give it credit though – they tried hard. For instance, the overseas army and navy soldiers – the great majority of whom do not know why the hell they’re out there and wouldn’t be supporting Labour – *accidently* didn’t receive their postal voting slips until it was too late. And when John Humphries, editor of the BBC today programme, went to vote he found that his vote had already been cast. By someone else. Mariella Frostrup phoned the show and said the same had happened to her. Presumably this didn’t just happen to them in particular. And in a final insult to all who may think this election is fair to all, a tally of the votes so far cast shows that in fact Labour came second polling 35,906 votes fewer than the Tories. but the way the system is balanced, Labour still win with a large majority. As Richard from Manchester said on the BBC page ‘Labour victory: Your reaction‘, “Scotland has its parliament, Wales its Assembly yet they are in effect deciding who governs England. Time for an English parliament on the same basis as the Scots.”
As ever, Boris Johnson’s columns hit the nail on the head. “If Labour is re-elected,” he warned three weeks ago, “it will be with the help of one of the most gerrymandered systems in the western world.”
But still, there’s no need to be overly bitter. The reduced majority means that at least the government can’t railroad their proposals through, and at least another term of Labour will mean we’ll definitely want to see the back of them next time…

So very nearly there…

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“So, are you some sort of nut?” The earthy-voiced woman’s inquisitive line of questioning was heating up. It all started with an email from the Editor of the Spectator, asking the owner of Boriswatch to come forward. I duly stepped up to the plate and phoned the given number, before being greeted with Boris Johnson’s PA on the other end. She explained her problem – that the site’s visitors have been plaguing her with calls and emails about a non-existent event, and that she wants the reference to it taken down. “No problem,” I replied, turning on the charm. “While you’re on the line…”
And so it was that I managed to get the closest yet to Boris Johnson’s inner circle. She was a chatty woman – eager to divulge very little, but eager none the less. I managed to glean that Boris was aware of the site; that he is indeed planning to branch out into some sort of online presence; and that I would be well placed to help if it was needed.
I’ll admit to getting a little star-struck, even if it was a step short of the big man himself. Still, it’s only a matter of time…

Faisal gets Wrapped

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It’s a small world. Reading my daily edition of The Wrap – a popular online Guardian email summarising the mornings newspapers for people with poor time management – I noted the latest editor, an good friend from college named Faisal. I’ve finally got an inroad into the media…