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Linkblog – September 30th to October 4th

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Links between September 30th and October 4th:

Just so you know, this is an automated recent overview of the Linkblog, a collection of interesting links I find on my travels. The archives are here:

Flash player stuttering or hanging in Firefox?

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I’ve been suffering from this for a while. In Firefox, online flash players (Youtube etc) hangs every few seconds, meaning you miss vital parts of the video.
I’ve discovered a fix that doesn’t seem to be anywhere else:
1) Type about:config into address bar and press Enter.
2) Right click anywhere to bring up a submenu
3) Choose ‘New’ then ‘integer’
4) Paste the following into the dialogue that appears: browser.cache.memory.capacity
5) Click Ok
6) Specify amount in kb (about 80000 should be ok) in the next dialogue that appears
7) Restart Firefox and happy surfing.

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