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C’etait Un Rendezvous

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Back in 1976, I wasn’t even speck on my mum and dad’s horizon. But mystery surrounds this short film I’ve recently discovered from that very year that was shown before cinema audiences at around that time. It chronicles an unedited 8 minute drive through Paris in the early hours of a Sunday morning – in a Ferrari. At 140mph. Pedestrians and birds are scattered, red lights are ignored. It’s a breathtaking film, and this link at Wikipedia gives the lowdown on the background and continuing speculation surrounding it. The director was arrested soon after filming was completed, and no one has ever been able to identify who was driving. Was it the director? Was it a hired Formula One driver, and the director hinted? It’s recently been rereleased after years of being hidden away…
UPDATE: More discussion at Metafilter

Traffic Light Madness.

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Myself self-induced hangover was only beginning to wear off during the long slog home from work this evening. An office ‘night out’ is always carnage, but never again will i have one mid-week. As I idled into the ever-present traffic jam in the centre of Guildford, I saw a gorgeous shiny car a little ahead of me. My manliness getting the better of me, I proposed to show what a shiny and powerful car I’d also just bought, and made it my mission to sidle up alongside and beat this monstrous beast to the lights. The driver noticed my eagerness, and we duelled all the way up to the lights, each edging ahead all the way up the hill. My work done, and a surprising and unassailable lead built up, I glanced casually over at my beaten competitor, smiling inanely and his obviously poor car handling and driving skills.
There, grinning back, was Damon Hill, sometime Formula One world champion.