Gene Kelly

VW Golf/Gene Kelly – Behind The Scenes…

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You remember that VW Golf/Gene Kelly video I wrote about a few posts ago? Well, it turns out one of the 3 dancers for that film is David Elsewhere, an amazing dancer who has a good few videos of himself on his website. Chief weblogger Kottke has the lowdown, including an interview with Elsewhere himself. Turns out he didn’t enjoy it as much as we did… “The sound stage was cold and we had to dance under artificial rain for hours. To avoid freezing we wore wet suits under our already thick, tight costumes.” Bless. (via LinkMachineGo)

Forwarding Fun

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These last two weeks have been a bumper ones for email forwards. Here are three of the highlights all stored in the Files directory:
– The controversial Suicide Bomber advertisement from Volkswagen (denied by VW, and in the news everywhere).
– The redeem themselves, the absolutely SUPERB Gene Kelly/VW Golf GTi advertisement.
– A very sweary but very funny song about the London Underground, by a band called Amateur Transplants. The rest of the album is here, and if you buy it the money goes to charity.
UPDATE: So, I innocently forward the London Underground song it to Tim over at, which was apparently enough to spur him on and make a flash video of the song in under a day! Here’s the story behind the video, and here’s the main event – The London Underground Web Video, including all those naughty words…