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A subject a day keeps the apple away

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Learning is, frankly, awesome. I cannot stop it – I wake up and around 6.30 every morning and immediately wonder what’s on the news, in the papers, and appearing ont he internet. Andy, a friend from college, tries to learn a word a day from the English dictionary, for example. He must be up to the D’s by now, I reckon.

Me? I’ve decided to try going one better, and you can join me. Get the “Wikipedia Article of the day” by email, and you can learn a subject a day. If that’s not enough (and unemployed?), then reach for the article “Learn Something New Every Day“. It’ll fill your boots with pleasure. And, of course, knowledge.

The Invisible Grip

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I’ve always been interested in body language. It’s seems to be a tool that everyone can master, and can help in so many subtle ways. I’ve got a couple of books – The Definitive Guide to Body Language being the best – on it that I’ve never got round to fully reading (much like the “Time Management” book that I’ve never had time to read…). So, here’s a first step for you readers on a Sunday evening – The Invisible Grip, which marvels at the power of the stare. Don’t go getting all freaky-looking, though.

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs – are they smaller?

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Happy Easter everyone! For me, every year the the time-old debate comes round: have Cadbury’s Creme Eggs got smaller, or have I got bigger? Thankfully, the answer is in the below clip, thanks to the intrepid investigative techniques of Conan O’Brien’s assistant…

Solve those poor parking blues

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It’s a sad affliction. The more expensive the car, the worse the parking. People’s swing-in-and-leave policy really gets my goat, and I found an excellent example on Flickr tonight, with a cracking note from an equally riled potential parker. There’s a whole website – You Park Like An Asshole – dedicated to these people. My advice – download these gems from, print ’em out and dole them out the next time you find a double-parker. (via

Streetwars – The London Game

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An email plopped into my inbox this morning from good friend Jon, heralding what could be the best idea I’ve seen to date. It’s called StreetWars and is billed as a three week long, 24/7, watergun assassination tournament played in real life on the city streets. If that doesn’t appeal to your inner child, I don’t know what will!
People who sign up for the game get details of other players work and home addresses, and have to work out a way to “assassinate” them. The London game is due to start in a few weeks – and I was so ready to sign up until I learned I had to work and live in London to join. So, if you up for a load of fun, live and work in London, and ignore the potential of random people having your contact details, sign up now!

Yellow Stickies.

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I remember, years ago, my dad used to come home every now and then, arms filled with the holy grail of office organisation – packs upon packs of Post-It notes. Yellow slips of paper that revolutionised office life. Twenty-Five Years of Post-it Notes is an article that rakes over the history of this piece of genius. And, for a bit of light Post-It-related relief, why not take a look at Damon’s New Office? It’s the best use of Post-Its I’ve seen. Ever.

That’s yer lot…

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2005 is winding down, and with it come the annual reviews of the year. For quirky current affairs, try BBC News Magazine‘s selection of lists – from “100 things we didn’t know last year” to “The Best ‘and finallys’ Of The Year“. For photo collections, take a look at TIME’s Best Photos of 2005,or the REUTERS 2005 Photo Showcase – or maybe you’d prefer the BBC’s more UK-based “The UK in 2005“. If you’re feeling slightly more geeky, try PCWorld’s Best Products of 2005 or Kottke’s Best Links of 2005.
Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, have a good time!

C’etait Un Rendezvous

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Back in 1976, I wasn’t even speck on my mum and dad’s horizon. But mystery surrounds this short film I’ve recently discovered from that very year that was shown before cinema audiences at around that time. It chronicles an unedited 8 minute drive through Paris in the early hours of a Sunday morning – in a Ferrari. At 140mph. Pedestrians and birds are scattered, red lights are ignored. It’s a breathtaking film, and this link at Wikipedia gives the lowdown on the background and continuing speculation surrounding it. The director was arrested soon after filming was completed, and no one has ever been able to identify who was driving. Was it the director? Was it a hired Formula One driver, and the director hinted? It’s recently been rereleased after years of being hidden away…
UPDATE: More discussion at Metafilter