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Streetwars – The London Game

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An email plopped into my inbox this morning from good friend Jon, heralding what could be the best idea I’ve seen to date. It’s called StreetWars and is billed as a three week long, 24/7, watergun assassination tournament played in real life on the city streets. If that doesn’t appeal to your inner child, I don’t know what will!
People who sign up for the game get details of other players work and home addresses, and have to work out a way to “assassinate” them. The London game is due to start in a few weeks – and I was so ready to sign up until I learned I had to work and live in London to join. So, if you up for a load of fun, live and work in London, and ignore the potential of random people having your contact details, sign up now!

Pillar to Post…

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I’ve been slack. I’ve been remiss. I have, however, been very busy. You remember I announced I was off to a company called Cargill at the end of this week? Well, as of last Tuesday, I’m not. On Monday, I shall be rocking up at a company in Camberley called Dionex, who managed to pip Cargill at the post with a better package. I leave The Pier today – and last night was the beginning of the celebrations with a drink and a meal with my IT Manager Jon and Pier Direct Manager Rhonda. A heartily good time – and now for tonight. The knees up starts at around 6 in a bar round the corner, and could go on for a while… I’ll be back with a hangover and a report tomorrow…