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Backing Blair – You Have No Choice.

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Now’s the time for a long overdue introduction to Backing Blair – a political project that has been under wraps for a good few weeks, and that has had a hand in. Why, of all things, would I be helping code the pages for a campaign called Backing Blair? Well, it’s a strikingly clever take on the Blair regime, seeing the all-seeing Labour administration for what it is – a party that is veering towards an Orwellian, 1984-style authoritarian regime. As the Backing Blair website puts it, “people involved in this campaign pretty much want to get rid of Blair and bring a halt to his style of government. We hope that includes you.”
Why are we voting Blair in time and again? Because any negative news we might hear about them is skewered by media manipulation. Sure, it’s clever – but it’s not benefiting anyone but the government.
So, Backing Blair was born, a collaboration from Bloggerheads, The UK Today and It’s a grassroots campaign, so it needs all the support and funding it can get. Pop over to the site and see if it floats your boat. And I leave you with a little note I left a year ago. It still stands, Mr Blair.