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Well, I now live in Liss, and I can honestly say the the lack of internet is a blessing. Monday morning, I was up at 6am, packing away my beloved computer, and stuffing every little thing into the nearest box. Come 9am, the removal van arrived, and so began an exhausting day of packing, moving, shifting and travelling. At 10am, we found that the next door neighbours had complained about our order for broadband internet, worrying about digging up the shared driveway we all use. So, no broadband for us. Then, the removal van managed to carve two tyre trails through the aforementioned precious driveway, prompting another neighbour to come and start shouting at us. Bless them. And then the removers decided we had too much stuff, and doubled their charge. So, all in all, a highly eventful day. We’ve only got one more neighbour to annoy now…