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Mariaaaaaaa, you’ve got to see her…

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Looking through the logs over the last month, it seems that there is one thing that visitors are fruitlessly looking for on this site. No, not the insane conversation Jac and I had on Messenger (or Melinda, as we like to call it) four years ago. Not even the two most popular posts of all time – “Friend on Young Posh and Loaded” and “The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off” (just look at the comments on those critters) – can dislodge the top search item of all time. The word that drives more traffic than anything to this site is… wait for it… “sharapova”. Specifically Maria Sharapova, a photo of whom used to hang in my Funny Files section but had to be moved because of bandwidth costs. So, for all those Maria appreciators, let me tell you that it’s currently sitting in the Photos section of the Fun Media Files section. Enjoy, you frisky visitors.