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Every cloud has a silver property portfolio

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Chertsey House, GuildfordA recent death in his family has, by contrast, made my friend Paul D a virtual property mogul. And if anything can shift property, it’s wibbler.com. Possibly.

So, if anyone’s interested, there’s vacant office space in the centre of Guildford, begging to be filled:

34 – 36 Chertsey Street, Guildford, GU1 4HD

Chertsey House, Pannells Court, Guildford, GU1 4EU

York House, Pannells Court, Guildford, GU1 4HD

Matchbox Twenty returns

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I first discovered Matchbox Twenty when Jac called me up and told me that his ears were glowing from listening to their song “Long Day“. Since that moment, I’ve been a firm fan. They’re mainstream pop/rock, have never really been promoted over here and are sometimes derided over in America, where they’re sometimes seen as a bit bland. No matter though – they’ve sold 39 million albums so far and their lead singer Rob Thomas has written for the Rolling Stones, Santana and Chris Daughtry among others, so they can’t be all bad!
In fact they’re not bad in any way. And after a year long break (while Rob Thomas released his own album) they’re back with a corking song How Far We’ve Come. Here it is (there’s more below the video):
And, thanks to Youtube, there’s always someone doing their own cover. Here’s one which is a tad special – not least because he’s managed to work out the lyrics and guitar tabs himself…

A Thriller of a time with Dirty Wedding Dancing

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So, having announced the engagement, it’s probably about time that the wedding was organised. The reception is looking like the most tricky thing to work out, but if we’re stuck for music to jive and jig to, we could do worse than follow the lead of the folks below:

Daniel Tammet – The Brainman

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Top Gear’s Richard Hammond recently mentioned that the main benefits of his death-defying crash are a head for numbers and a liking for celery. As it turns out, there are a lot of people who have even more impressive “superbrain” powers, as immortalised in the movie “Rain Man“. Their condition is known as “savant syndrome“, a mysterious disorder of the brain where someone has a spectacular skill, even genius, in a mind that is otherwise extremely limited.
There’s one person that bucks the trend though. Daniel Temmet is an Englishman who had epilepsy, developed “savant syndrome”, but he has no obvious mental problems. And it’s amazing to watch. The guy can speak seven languages and can recite Pi to 22,000 places. He’d be useful in a pub quiz…
So, here’s a CBS News piece about him (video is top right of the page), some discussion on him, and below are two 45 minute long documentary on him. Get a cup of tea – there’s some amazing viewing here.

Bump keys – the end of locks…

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Hey! You! Yes, you, sitting on your computer in your house or office, safe in the knowledge that you are surrounded by walls and a locked door that keeps out the criminals aching for your expensive toys. This video, I’m afraid, is about to rock your boat. With a simple modification to a standard key and a couple of tactical bangs on the lock, 90% of locks will open. And, handily, this Dutch news item tells everyone how to do it.
When you’ve digested the contents, feel free to come over and take my enormous television.

Forwarding Fun

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These last two weeks have been a bumper ones for email forwards. Here are three of the highlights all stored in the wibbler.com Files directory:
– The controversial Suicide Bomber advertisement from Volkswagen (denied by VW, and in the news everywhere).
– The redeem themselves, the absolutely SUPERB Gene Kelly/VW Golf GTi advertisement.
– A very sweary but very funny song about the London Underground, by a band called Amateur Transplants. The rest of the album is here, and if you buy it the money goes to charity.
UPDATE: So, I innocently forward the London Underground song it to Tim over at bloggerheads.com, which was apparently enough to spur him on and make a flash video of the song in under a day! Here’s the story behind the video, and here’s the main event – The London Underground Web Video, including all those naughty words…


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It’s not often I write a post about something other than me. In fact, truth be told, it’s not often I write a post at all at present. But this evening I thought I’d come over all musical on you and plug a band which really should have had more success. And while I know the naming of them on wibbler.com is not even going to send a ripple through their fanbase membership figures, I thought I’d do my bit. It’s the least I can do for all the pleasure their CDs have given me. Who are they? Easyworld.
I was introduced to them in one of those long dark nights in December 2002, at a farewell gig for the now departed Toploader. We didn’t realise it was a farewell gig, of course – just as we didn’t realise that one of their support bands would completely outshine them. Up stepped Dav Ford, Easyworld’s frontman and musical genius, and gave us song after song that belied their appearance. It was rocky, it was indie, it was all sorts of wierd and wonderful things – and from that day on, I’ve been a firm fan. Dav, I’ve been reliably informed, can play the guitar, piano and sing at the same time. You’ve probably never heard of them, so pop over to www.easyworldinfo.co.uk and have a gawp. I’m just pluggin’ is all…
UPDATE: Oh. Thay’ve split up. Was it something I said?