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USA power cuts

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How much do we rely on electricity? Just turn on your news channel to find out. The USA power cuts have brought a lot of America to a stand still, with many jumpy citizens calling it a terrorist tragedy. Which of course it isn’t. A side effect of this – MSN Messenger appears to have stopped working. It’s my own personal tragedy.


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Latest conversation between myself and Jac C on MSN Messenger:
[15:41] Jon: tum te tum
[15:42] Wibbler: te tum
[15:42] Jon: da n ana
[15:42] Jon: da na na
[15:42] Wibbler: bom bom baaaaaaaaaaam.
[15:43] Jon: *ping* (string breaks)
[15:46] Wibbler: *ouch* (string hits eye)
[15:47] Jon: *shplop* (eye falls out into glass of Ribena)
[15:48] Wibbler: *glug* (ribena drinker swallows eye)
[15:51] Jon: *psssuPOPpssss* (eye swallower pisses out the eye into the loo)
[15:52] Wibbler: *suuuuuuckkkk* pause *gush* (eye blocks loo and overflows)
[15:55] Jon: *schluck* – *schluck* – *schluck* (eye makes run for it)
[15:58] Wibbler: *splat* (someone opens door onto eye, crushing it between door and wall)
[16:01] Jon: *shhbloop* *shhbloop* cleaner mops up eye, muttering “Eye don’t know, I’m up to the eyeballs in work”