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Missing In Action

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I’m having one of those lulls. The avid journalist in me seems to be taking a holiday, jumped ship, all worn out after the recent BBC article I somehow spurted out in a late night scribbling session one Thursday night. It’s not like I have nothing to say – I’ve taken in the delights of Munich, flying back with the legendary Boris Becker; been to Nick’s 32nd birthday party; started visiting the gym; and now I’m off to Leeds. In short, I’ve been very busy, and my rants have suffered. But have no fear. I’ll be back with you just as soon as I can…

I’m moooooooving on… (subject to references and a medical, of course)

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Things, as I’ve said, have been afoot. After 2 1/2 years at the helm of Pier Direct’s IT system, I’m moving on. The past week or two have been hectic for me, and above all highly secretive. The lack of anonymity of lends itself to being censored for even the most minor things, and future job prospects – interviews, clandestine meetings etc – are not something my colleagues would be ecstatic to hear about.
So, that’s it. Up another rung on the corporate ladder. In a particularly morose meeting yesterday afternoon, my month’s notice was handed in. News is gradually spreading through the company, and the distinct reality is that in a month’s time I’ll be leaving behind what has become a second family for me.
No doubt, it’ll be sad. But as I said to my manager yesterday, the opportunity I’ve been offered is too good to turn down. As of the 17th May, I’ll be an employee of Cargill Investor Services in Cobham, in a job that will hopefully serve as a springboard to success and countless riches. Possibly. I’ve got training in Munich or Geneva in the first month, and then I’ve got to think about moving house. I’ve also got to amusingly pass a medical. It’s all change – but first I’ll have to deal with the handover here at The Pier, all in 3 weeks. With a distinct lack of anyone else who can do my job (apart from the few overstretched IT gurus based over 65 miles away) that should be amusing…