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Belle de Jour crosses the atlantic

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News of the blog Belle De Jour, for a long while a favourite of, has crossed the Atlantic – New York Post’s article “Kiss & Tell” describes Belle as “a fascinating character” and digs into whether it’s a real blog or not. The daily updates detail the seedy and not-so-seedy life of a London call girl, but it’s not for that reason I read it: it’s mainly because Belle, as I’ve mentioned before, is a good writer. A very good writer. And as for whether it’s real or not: I hope it is. Some wonder how a call girl can write so darn well, but Belle defends herself: “I have met stone-boring Ph.D.s and plumbers who were geniuses. I don’t think job choice is necessarily a reflection of talent or intelligence.” I know that many of the places she describes are accurate, and hell, even if it isn’t real it’s a jolly good read. But catch it while you can: she’s hinted that she may not be around for that long. “It would be a little depressing,” she says, “to be known the rest of your life as the documentarian whore.”