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Don’t Mention The War

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A note from Mark R, currently training in New Zealand to be a pilot: “Very amusingly one of the other flying schools here does the same sort of thing but for the Japanese. Hundreds of Japs flying around in Cessnas. It’s like Pearl Harbour.”

Mastercare Nightmare

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I recently made the discovery that Dixons, Currys and PC World are actually all the same company. They’re all large high street retailers, and all frankly rubbish, as Jac found out on his recent trip to PC World. And i’ve just stumbled a detailed log of one customer’s catalogue of chaos with Dixons in Guildford, a website simply called Mastercare Nightmare. The IT news site The Register tells the story, and she’s managed to get press coverage as far away as New Zealand. Her website is new well-known enough to have stopped at ?270,000 of business going their way. You go, girl!

Felicity calls

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I’ve just got a phonecall from a very drunken long lost friend, which was a nice surprise! It turns out out that she’s in New Zealand, has had the time of her life, and is never coming back. Which is a bit of a blow. I’ve promised to visit her as soon as my bank manager lets me…