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Clifford’s dirty mitts all over the Beckhams

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It seems we’re being taken for a ride! Clifford’s hand at work in Beckham saga, reports the Guardian. Max Clifford was secretly paid ?60000 for the News of the World story last Sunday, while pretending to not know a thing. He will pretend to take on Ms Loos as a client this week, followed by an “ad hoc” interview with her in Sunday’s newspapers.
The Beckhams, meanwhile, counter with their PR plan.
I say again, the Wag The Dog storyline comes ever closer to reality…

Kelly watch

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Kelly Watch: If anyone thought the anti-BBC slant to the papers over the last couple of days was merely the papers backing up public opinion, think again.
“It is understood, ” says the Telegraph, “that on Saturday afternoon political journalists on the News of the World … had been preparing to write a critical piece on the Government.
That afternoon they were suddenly informed that the opposite was now required.”
Many of the papers reported menacing phonecalls from Number 10 over the weekend. And what links all the papers that tore the BBC apart over the weekend? Rupert Murdoch owns them – a man who desparately wants the government to let him buy Channel 5. The Guardian tells all.

Page 3 Shocker

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Did anyone get the News of the World newspaper on Sunday? Read the Dear Jane page at all? Not only did I read it (it’s highly informative, let me tell you), but IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when the photo strip of the Problem of the Week featured one of my colleagues, a budding actor. “I want you so much”, “babe” and other similarly amusing things he’s meant to have said, sprawled over the page for all to see. How I laughed. And laughed. Tears streamed down my face as I handed the paper to each and every person in the office, and finished by posting the cut out item on the noticeboard under the heading “Daily Smut – Budding Actor in Page 3 Girl Shock”. Thorough humiliation is richly deserved. Rob himself cowered hiding behind a completely different and plainly less amusing paper…